Santorini is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Originally, I wasn't planning on writing a blog post about Santorini because we were only there for two nights, but I couldn't help myself once I saw this stunning little island. As soon as we arrived in Santorini we headed straight to Oia to check into the cutest airbnb. (Pictured below) After that we walked through the town exploring the most unique little shops. Oia is located north of the Island and is in my opinion the best place to be in Santorini. Oia is known for having the most famous sunsets in the world and let me tell you.... I have yet to see a sunset that beats Oias'. After 2 amazing and unforgettable days in Santorini we are now heading to Italy to explore the Almafi coast, Capri, Rome, Tuscany, and Florance. Lots of new and exciting post coming soon so stay tuned! Hope you enjoy seeing our beautiful little adventure. xx kriss

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