Mykonos was honestly one of the most unique places I have been to so far. The island itself offers an array of fun things to do and exciting beach parties to attend. My roommate and I decided to stay at one of Mykonos cutest boutique hotels that was located in the middle of the island, The George Hotel. The first day we arrived we met up with our friends at Paradise Beach which was very fun but it reminded me a lot of Cabo (day parties all day & night, but very exhausting). If you are trying to enjoy a relaxing vacation Paradise Beach wouldn’t be the choice of stay. The second day in Mykonos we rented ATVs and toured the entire island where we were able to go into some of the most beautiful decorated beach clubs. Pictured below are two beach clubs that we visited that were absolutely magnificent, Scorpios and Panarmos. Panarmos is located on a private beach that was breath taking. Scorpios is also located on a private beach and includes a luxurious bar, restaurant and shop. Mykonos also offers the cutest downtown with tons of shops, bars, and restaurants. The shopping in Mykonos town was one of my favorite parts and I definitely hope to return there one day. Hope everyone enjoys looking at our adventure! Coming soon…. our journey throughout Italy !! xx kriss

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