Morocco... wow... one of the most interesting places I have been to so far. Traveling from Europe to Africa has been one of the biggest transitions that I have ever experienced. Morocco for one is architecturally stunning, every restaurant we went to was covered in mosaic tiles from head to toe. Moroccan food is another factor that I became very familiar with, I consumed their main dish, tagine with couscous, probably seven or eight times. The call to prayer was another experience I was able to witness, it was probably one of the most fascinating things that I saw in Morocco; everyone stopped what they were doing, grabbed their prayer rug and headed to the mosque. My favorite part however, was the many amazing markets that we went to! The Old Medina contained an abundance of hand crafted bags & magic carpets ;)) I was blown away by our camel trek through the desert in Marrakesh. We had the best time and stayed at the most luxurious campsite that I have ever seen. I hope everyone enjoys our latest adventure! Sorry I am a little late posting about Italy & Barca those are coming soon.. for now our next stop is Dakar, Senegal.... stay tuned! xx Kriss

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