P E R L A ' S

Day Drinkers & Seafood Lovers… if you haven’t been to Perlas Oyster Bar yet you truly are missing out. This cute restaurant is located on South Congress in Austin, Texas. The outdoor patio is where you will find me sippin’ on some of their fabulous happy hour drink options && snacking on their delicious treats. Perlas is easily one of my favorite places to go to during the day, the patio overlooks south congress and the beautiful downtown Austin, Texas. If you are looking for a good day drinking & hang out spot: Perlas Oyster Bar is where you should be at.

Drinks Pictured left to right: Painkiller, Pineapple Mint Julep, & SoCo Fizz

My favorite Cocktail: Painkiller

Painkiller : Silver & Dark Rum, Coconut, Pineapple, Orange

Pineapple Mint Julep : Old Grand Dad Bonded, Pineapple, Powdered Sugar

SoCo Fizz : Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, Agave, Lime, Sparkling Wine

The outside patio is full of red, white and blue striped furniture & the ambience of Perlas is another one of my favorite reasons to go here !!

xx kriss

R E C E N T  P O S T S